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How To Reverse The Signs Of Aging On Your Face
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How To Reverse The Signs Of Aging On Your Face

There are many things we can do to look after our skin which will help reduce the signs of ageing. These include always wearing an SPF, eating healthily, getting enough sleep, drinking less alcohol, not smoking, and using a retinol product. However, what about when you’re doing everything you can, but you are still unhappy when you look at your reflection? The answer for many people now is a good Aesthetic Doctor!

Get an expert opinion

Although everyone gets wrinkles and sagging skin as they age, if you decide that you want smoother skin, plumper cheeks or a less wobbly jaw then you need to find a recommended Aesthetic Doctor who is highly trained and experienced in the world of advanced facial treatments. You should then be offered an in-depth consultation with the Doctor and they can advise you on the best treatment for you. Having had a consultation, you can then decide how you would like to proceed and what treatment you feel comfortable having done, whilst also making sure you also feel confident and comfortable with the Doctor too.

The first port of call for many who want to reverse the signs of ageing on their face is often a muscle relaxer (usually referred to by the popular brand name of Botox) which will relax muscles, making frown lines and wrinkles appear less apparent and so give a more youthful appearance. However, depending on the results you want, you may well be recommended to have Filler as this, often used in conjunction with a muscle relaxer, can have amazing results that will make you look more youthful and rejuvenated.

A refreshed look that looks natural

Many people are, rightly so, very wary of even the notion of fillers having seen others with over plumped lips or overfilled cheeks and you have every reason to be cautious. However, in the hands of a highly experienced Aesthetic Doctor you can achieve amazing results that individually may not be even noticeable, but give an overall refreshed appearance and subtle rejuvenation.

To help you understand why filler is now the most requested anti-ageing treatment, you have to understand a bit about what happens to our faces as we age. Our face actually changes shape as we get older because our bones start to dissolve and recede. So it’s not just the skin that is saggy, there is less support from the underlying bones causing the skin covering them to look looser. This is where filler comes in. Used carefully and subtly, it can bring volume back to your face in areas where the bones have started to be less prominent.

With an experienced Doctor, no-one should look over plumped or overfilled as natural results that are hardly noticeable will support the facial structure to give youthful contours and rejuvenate the face. Surprisingly, many treatments might not even be in the area of concern, for instance, by filling around the area around the temple can lift the brow and open up the eyes and by filling the area slightly below the temple will result in a smoother and less jowly jawline!

A more defined jawline is now one of the most requested ‘tweakments’ to reverse the signs of aging in both men and women. By using filler in the back of the cheek and in the chin, a more contoured jawline can be achieved giving a more youthful look and getting rid of wobbly jowls. Everyone will see these signs of ageing at some point which is why these treatments are now so popular but it’s important to understand that it’s about treating the face as a whole to create balance and then you will see the best results!

Not only does our bone structure recede as we get older, but the deep and superficial fat pads on our face decrease too. This natural loss of volume in the upper and midface which causes a flattening of the cheeks is also where filler can help to bring the cheek bones forward. Muscle relaxer and Filler are often used in conjunction for other popular treatments too such as treating the lines from our nose to mouth which can get deeper as we age, also lines around our mouths, signs of ageing on the neck and also chin.

Every face is different and everyone has varying needs so there are many more advanced treatments available that can help reverse the signs of ageing, but always make sure that whatever you decide, you are happy with the Doctor who is doing your treatments.

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